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Edmonton Marketing and Advertising

We are an online and only website company specializing exclusively in business branding, sale/event advertising and marketing in Edmonton. When your business is advertised with EdmontonBargainSale.com, you can be sure your business and sales/events are advertised, accessed, promoted and marketed 24 hours a day on the internet and be seen by thousands of our Edmonton clients. Unlike others, we are not a directory site and we are advertise company.

  • When your business advertise with us, we will set up an advertising campaign program for your business and market and work with you on a monthly base.
  • We don't just place your ad, we work with you regularly. EdmontonBargainSale.com is an advertisng and marketing company in Edmonton.
  • We are the most Affortable Marketing and Advertising Services in Edmonton - Receive Over 30,000 views a month by targeted customers in Edmonton.
  • We will plan, market, and advertise your Business 24 hours a Day 365 days a year. We don't just place your ad, we think for your business, and we work for your business.

The tailor-made online strategies which EdmontonBargainSale.com creates add value to their client's business in many ways: building customer loyalty and brand equity; reducing operating and advertising costs; maximizing communication; creating stronger and targeted customers and increasing market share and customer satisfaction.

New Media Advertising

"In today's business, it is more than just selling, order tracking and traditional advertising. It is about exploiting the Net's power to transform the customer experience and create new potential customer centred business model."

EdmontonBargainSale.com focus:

EdmontonBargainSale.com offers premium quality new media strategy, advertising and marketing campaign program, total corparate image design, and consulting services to small, medium and large companies in Edmonton. The Company aims to add value to its clients' businesses by:

  • Enhancing and differentiating its clients' products and services in an increasingly competitive market place.
  • Strengthening its clients' customer relationships to ensure that customers repeatedly use their services or products.
  • EdmontonBargainSale.com guides its clients to capitalise on the best media opportunities and co-ordinate their online efforts with traditional media.
  • And improving its clients' business efficiency.

Promoting Your Business is Our Objective

Our prime objectives are to bring you customers, maximize your business exposure to our Edmonton clients and generate more traffics to your store and business. Once we have your ad, our team will plan and market your ad and business for you. We will plan your ad campaign, market your ad, and meet with you on a monthly base for updates. Unlike other advertising medium, we don’t just place your ad but we work and plan your ad regularly to get your business the best results. At Edmonton Bargain Sale, you will be sure that someone is looking after your Edmonton marketing and advertising needs 24 hours a day. Most importantly, At EdmontonBargainSale.com, we work for your business. Our business is to bring you business results.

Advertise and Be Seen 24 Hours a Day

EdmontonBargainSale.com can drive consumer traffic directly to your store/business. Inaddition to providing sales and special event information, we provide consumers with the exact location of your store. 100% of our clients at EdmontonBargainSale.com are Edmonton’s bargain seeker and are searching for sales for purchase. At EdmontonBargainSale.com, we have over 10,000 clients per month and growing. All our clients are Edmontonians. We are presently experiencing a growth of 200 plus new clients per month.

Client Referral Program

Our Client Referral Program actually gives you real time customers to your store/business with final purchases.

Advertise your Business and be Noticed

EdmontonBargainSale.com is an exclusive advertisement, marketing site. Our clients come to our site exclusively for advertising.

Unlike other forms of advertising such as flyers, print ads, radio or TV ads, our clients are targeted and are already bargain searchers looking to purchase. At EdmontonBargainSale.com, we specialize in only business and sale advertising and marketing in Edmonton.

Targeted Advertising

With our Edmonton Bargain Sale Search Engine Design technology, SEO monitoring and management, visitor/client tracking technology, visitor/client data base, user behavior model, usability design and testing, usability pattern matching and user-research methodolgies, and combined with our advertising and marketing strategy, all our clients are target marketed and are buyers already searching for bargain sales and services in Edmonton.

EdmontonBargainSale.com are in all major search engines and directories like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Open Directory, Looksmart, Altavista, Hotbot, Lycos, Canada, MyTelus and many others. We have over thousands of regular clients and referral clients per month.

Web Support and Design

We provide direct link to your business’s website as part of your online advertisement. Inaddition, we provide website design & development, re-design, SEO design and maintenance services as part of our advertisement program to your business. We design your website for business results.

EdmontonBargainSale.com has a full team of creative and technical professionals to provide a one-stop production service for clients' online strategies. From front-end creative design to back-end web programming, EdmontonBargainSale.com has the confidence to build your business. We provide extensive services to market and promote your business online. We design your site to meet all the requirements for the search engines.

With your business’s web presence, EdmontonBargainSale.com allows you to turn shoppers and browsers into paying customers by providing them with all the information they need to make intelligent consumer decisions. EdmontonBargainSale.com serves as a cost-effective marketing tool by broaden your consumer audience well beyond traditional advertising.

Advertising is About Being Seen

Edmonton Bargain Sale is advertised and marketed through our website, email marketing, prints, and special newsletter via the internet. We operate with an intense advertising program. We also use print for target marketing such as flyers, print ads and advertising campaigns. Our readership is strong and growing. Our readers/visitors are 100% active consumers and are in search of best sales, bargains, and savings. Our advertising rate is great and we provide you and your business the best advertising and marketing services and maximum exposure.

Our site is designed to provide maximum attention and retention value for our readers/visitors. The site is designed to provide a fun and a enjoyable place for our readers to visit. Place a sale bargain ad in any of our catogory or place your ad in more than one catogory for maximum exposure and market targeting. Add additional advertising features such as page placement selection, dynamic content advertising, special feature advertising to enhance your business sales and product. At Edmonton Bargain Sale, we give you and your business the best value, best rate and most of all, the best bargain for your marketing andadvertisement needs.

Marketing That Works

Our readers/visitors to our site are all shoppers and wants to buy with a 100% purchasing power. Edmonton Bargain Sale is about e-marketing. We provide a strong advertising marketing plan. We also provide advertising support services such as client referral program, business networking, market planning etc. We update our ads and contents on a weekly bases.

Many of our visitors are return, and referral visitors. We not only advertise our company with the local media but we also pay to advertise with all of the major search engines and directories on the Internet. We are also in over 100 other smaller search engines. We maintain and rank top on every major search engines.

We developed the EdmontonBargainSale.com Search Engine Design Technology to bring targeted clients to use our services. Inaddition, we maintain and use SEO monitoring, visitor/client tracking technology, visitor/client data base, user behavior model, usability design and testing, usability pattern matching and user-research methodologies, advertising and marketing strategy to achieve results for your business.

5 important steps that we take to bring results to your business: 1) We brand your business, services and products. We guarantee your ad and business is seen and be memorable. 2) We guarantee your business and ad will be seen by the right group of people from the right demographical location - Edmonton. 3) We present valuable information to potential customers to help them buy to facilitate the buying process, in other words, help customers buy - not hard sell. 4) Finally, the final proposed sale, services will benefit the potential customers in some way. 5) We establish and maintain close relationship with your potential customers.

Why Advertise with Us?

  • Our clients have high purchasing power and are in search of bargain sales, deals and are ready to buy now or in the immediate future.
  • All our clients are Edmontonians and are target marketed.
  • We actually bring you real customers to your store for purchase.
  • We actually work for you to promote, market and plan your advertisement regularly throughout the year. We are not a directory site.
  • Cost less than $0.75 per 1000 CPM ( per thousand ad views by Edmontonians ). This is better than business cards marketing, print or flyer type marketing.
  • We provide advertising, branding, and marketing strategy.
  • We are Edmonton’s best and only online business marketing and advertising company.
  • We provide the most affordable advertising rate in Edmonton.
  • We are Edmonton owned and operated.
  • We provide you with maximum exposure and best marketing campaign 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Unlike other advertising medium which only provide you with a few lines of space for a few days for a huge cost and not target marketed.
  • We plan your ad carefully so that your business is not competing with other advertisers. As well, we limit our competing advertisers.
  • We work with you on a monthly base.
  • Most affordable advertising in Edmonton and online.
  • We think for your business.

Please contact us for more information and we can meet with you to discuss your project.

Website Design

" We are an Advertising and Marketing company. Our Business is Getting Your Business Results "

Disclaimer: All visitors and readers of this site should verify all informations with the advertisers as sales are changing on a daily bases, prior to visiting the advertised locations. All rights reserved © 2003 - 2006 EdmontonBargainSale.com Disclaimer, Privacy Policy
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